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Reggie Mack

Reggie Mack

Four years ago I did something I never thought I'd do. I got a dog. I bought Reggie from a reputable Australian Shepherd breeder after an intensive search for just the right dog. Having always been a cat owner and never a (adult) dog owner there was just something about the Aussie breed that attracted me: intelligent, loyal, beautiful, happy, energetic, and high maintenance. High maintenance? What was I getting myself into?! Training, endless walks, sleepless nights, expensive vet bills, socialization, training, and more training! Reggie's calm, nurturing, friendly temperament led me pretty early on to the pet therapy world where after MORE training we passed our strenuous evaluation to become a therapy team. We visit a DYS facility every other week, de-stress co-eds at university pet stress-relief events, (did you know there was such a thing?) and visit my mom at her assisted living facility. Reggie gives and receives love like a pro and I just go along for the ride.

As I get to know more of your treasured "children", I realize that Reggie isn't the only extraordinary dog around, he's just one of many who give us unconditional love and therapy every day. My renewed love for pets is one of the reasons I've decided to focus my photography more towards capturing these remarkable family members. 

We work with and support Pet Partners, In honor of National Therapy Animal Day on April 30, Mary Dennis Photography is donating 10% of our proceeds from all pet photo sessions booked by Mother's Day, May 8. Contact us for prices and more details today! Thank you for your support of Pet Partners which trains and registers thousands of therapy animal teams who make over a million life-enhancing visits each year!